Making Sense: exploring materialist pedagogies through imagination, collaboration and criticality
Chapter 11 in: Barrett, E. and Bolt, B. 'Material Inventions: Applying Creative Arts Research'.
I. B. Tauris.
Access key visual in chapter - Figure 16
Making Sense: a transferable framework for creative inquiry - a type of material invention

2014 May
Making Sense: creative interventions engendering new understandings of wellbeing
Workshop with members of a book club

2013 May
Making Sense: reflections on creative research
methods found within practice-led inquiry

Invited presentation (Gray), doctoral seminar,
Orpheus Institute (Music), Ghent, Belgium

Developing invited book chapter for a new book
edited by Estelle Barrett and Barbara Bolt - a follow
up volume to 'Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry', 2007, I. B. Tauris

2011 September
Making Sense: reflections on creative research
methods found within practice-led inquiry.

Refereed submission in DVD format for
2nd International 'Visual Research Methods'
, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

2011 April - May
Web site update

2011 March
New Arts and Health interdisciplinary student
learning project - craft, sculpture, occupational

2011 January - February
DVD documentation of Making Sense of Wellbeing -
creative intervention workshop

2010 August - December
Web site updating

2010 May
Invited poster on the Making Sense
research programme for the launch of the IDEAS Research Institute (RGU), Aberdeen Art Gallery.
Download poster
(high resolution PDF - please
be patient while downloading)

2010 April
Making Sense of Wellbeing - creative intervention workshop
Arts and Healthcare practitioner-researchers
worked collaboratively to experience a tightly
structured evolved version of the Making Sense

2010 March
Refereed paper for the UK's QAA
'Research-Teaching Linkages to enhance graduate attributes in Creative and Cultural
Practice', Enhancement Themes‘
the Making Sense Research programme to date, in particular highlighting the graduate attributes as
a result of student participation in the research programme:

Burnett, G., Watson, A. and Gray, C. (2010)
Making Sense: a materialist pedagogy

2010 January - February
Arts and Healthcare practitioner-researchers
brought together to form an interdisciplinary
research team to explore the concept of
'wellbeing' from multiple perspectives

2009 November
Making Sense: Works by students of
Experimental Projects
- exhibited at the
George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University -
a response to the research from a different
cultural and pedagogic perspective initiated by
the Australian artist and researcher Barbara Bolt,
using the ‘Crafticulation’ paper as a key reference.
The resulting work used all eight ARP categories
as stimili but without using the actual ARP
Click here for a PDF showing the students' work

2009 October
Evolved Making Sense project experienced by
thirteen pre-final year design students using ARP principles of chance and random selection to
respond to a sound, an image, an object and
the method option from ARP database. Each student
gave a short PowerPoint presenting their
'ingredients', making process, outcome and
reflection. An evaluation method was trialled using
a six pointed star diagram employing a 1- 6
number scale

2009 April
‘Crafticulation and Education' paper delivered by
Carole Gray for the BA New Media Art research
methodology module, University of Liepaja, Latvia

2009 March
‘Crafticulation and Education' paper given for an
invited public lecture as part of Carole Gray's Mellon Fellowship, Michaelis School of Fine Art,
University of Cape Town, South Africa

2009 February
Invited presentation (Burnett and Gray)
on Methodology and Methods in Practice-led
North-East Scotland Visual
Research Training Network (Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee
and Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon
University, Aberdeen). Doctoral research
training funded by the UK Arts and
Humanities Research Council


2008 December
A version of the Making Sense project was
experienced by thirteen pre-final year honours
Three Dimensional Design students at Gray's
School of Art (RGU, Aberdeen). They used chance
to randomly select from and respond to:
, quantity, substance and method categories
within the ARP database. Students were
partnered for collaborative opportunities and
verbally presented their outcomes and reflection
in pairs

2008 September
Refereed conference paper on genesis project
presented at ‘Crafticulation and
Education' International Conference of Craft
Science and Craft Education, University of Helsinki, Finland, subsequently published:

Gray, C. and Burnett, G. (2009)
Making Sense: an exploration of ways of
knowing generated through practice and
reflection in craft

Helsinki University Press
ISBN: 978-952-10-5579-9 (PDF version of
proceedings -

Click here to access PowerPoint presentation
(to be viewed in conjunction with the paper
(available as a PDF)

The paper included a proposal for a student
version of the project. An A3 double sided poster
was also created as a hand out for the conference
(click here for front side of poster, click here for
back of poster
). NB These are high resolution
PDFs - please be patient while downloading

The web site - www.makingsenseresearch.org -
was initiated

2008 July - August
First tightly structured collaborative project to
explore ‘what knowledge could be gained through
, conceived and experienced by Gray
and Burnett using four of the eight categories
from ARP database (Art as Random Process,
Watson, 1992) to analyse existing objects
and generate unfamiliar stimuli for the making


2007 October
Invited journal paper for interactiveDiscourse – International On-line Journal of Learning and
Teaching in Higher Education, Vol. 1 Issue 1:

Gray, C. and Burnett, G. (2007)
Making Sense: ‘Material thinking’ and
‘materializing pedagogies’

ISSN: 1756-3445


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