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Transcription of evaluation labels produced by workshop participants

(H = Health participant, A = Art participant)

Yellow Labels (7) - pre-project  

“Uncertain but positive. Unaware of what factors may/
are impacting.” (H)

“Intrigued. Uncertain. Curious.” (H)

“Uniqueness, resilience, inspire” (H)

“Associations. Metaphor. Speaking to random people
about it??” (A)

“Feeling apprehensive – unsure” (A)

“Unsure. No firm ideas. Worries about resolving. Slightly uneasy.” (A)

“Relieved to start. Want to try a different approach with
text – unclear how!” (A)

(i Health label missing)

Orange Labels (8) - mid-project  

“I am enjoying the challenge of converting ideas into ‘product’.” (H)

“Racing with thoughts and connections – almost
overloaded with possibilities. Hope not paralysed by
this. Key stage – could be my individual work or a
collaboration – would need to gestate and turn it over
more in next week.” (H)

“Discovery. Chaos. Complexity – order.” (H)

“Surprised – depth/breadth of insights shared. My own
lack of expressive qualities.” (H)

“Tantalising possibilities of synthesis – but is resolution possible? More confident than at the start.” (A)

“Reconstructing. Experiential. Passing ideas.
Evolving.” (A)

“Feels good to have shared initial thoughts and began
to work together.” (A)

“Focused. Engrossed.” (A)

Red labels (8) - post-project  

“Sense of having come through something together but
alone. Commonality and bond.” (H)

“ Fun. Shared learning. Doing something creative
together. Satisfied.” (H)

“Connections. Working in messiness out of chaos –
creativity. Vision – seeing things differently.” (H)

“The product doesn’t seem to be the end point …….”

“Relieved to have come up with ‘something’ – never
worked in sound before so a new experience.” (A)

“Crossing over of disciplines has given another
dimension.” (A)

“At ease – resolution found in shared interpretation
and understanding.” (A)

“Satisfied.” (A)


In addition to the eight workshop participants, three
others  worked remotely. Their responses are as follows:

Yellow Labels (3) - pre-project  

“Reverse and remove. Inspiration in unlikely places.”

"Finding a framework to hold several responses
together, exploring photos to capture them so can
compose/construct an interwoven piece. Expecting it
to become a short film or album, rather than a 2D
collage." (A)

" Anxious. Stressed. Hemmed in by ? (illegible) and ? (illegible)."

Orange Labels (3) - mid-project  

“Process as rhythmic pace and pacing.” (A)

"Became absorbed in filming the mould sequenced into
the glass(es). Slow roll to stop, different angles. Very
beautiful. Taking stills too. Will move onto seeing what happens now with fluid, try out filling, and running out perhaps." (A)

"The gap between imagination and execution just gets bigger."

Red labels (3) - post-project  

“No fixed beginning, no fixed end” (A)

"I'm pleased with the film I've made, and enjoyed the exploration. It took a path I didn't expect and I found it
all very absorbing and engaging. It was good to work to
a brief, and I enjoyed trying to meet tha challenge." (A)

"I quite like you in the end, my unfastened book."

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