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developing research project (2009 - 2014)

Making Sense of Wellbeing:

creative interventions
engendering new understandings

m  a  k  i  n  g    s  e  n  s  e

Creative Interventions - Workshop 1

In late 2009 Burnett and Gray brought together
practitioner-researchers from Arts and Healthcare
to explore the possibility of forming an experienced interdisciplinary research team to investigate the
concept of 'wellbeing' from multiple perspectives,
aimed to engage with the elderly.

Creative Interventions - Workshop 2

Within the framework of Luminate - Scotland's Creative Ageing Festival (2013) -
Burnett and Gray worked with volunteer residents of Taransay Court, a sheltered housing community in Aberdeen. Unfortunately this workshop
did not go ahead - participation cannot always
be guaranteed. However, new evaluation materials
were developed specifically for working with this age

Creative Interventions - Workshop 3

In 2014 Burnett and Gray initiated a new workshop with
a local book club, focusing on storymaking and
storytelling. See what happened ...