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developing research project (2009 - 2014)

Making Sense of Wellbeing:
a creative intervention - workshop 3

In May 2014 a new workshop was devised for members of a local book club. Participants were invited to creatively extend their interest in narrative themes and character.

As with previous workshops, they were paired and three types of stimuli were allocated by chance method, presenting the unexpected in order to challenge preconceptions and originate fresh thinking.

They had one hour to generate an outline for a short story, and then share it with the group.

Before the workshop each participant completed an evaluation 'star', and then another one at the end.
Each wrote a brief comment on a red label and hung it on the 'feeling tree'. Orange lables were completed mid way through the workshop, and yellow ones at the end.

Click here to see the outcomes of the workshop.

m  a  k  i  n  g    s  e  n  s  e