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Making Sense: 2011 - 'evaluation tree'

Seventeen pre-final year students participated in this interdisciplinary project (some did not complete labels at
each stage). As in the staff Creative Intervention

workshop, the students went through a process first of discomfort, then engagement and finally coming through
the experience to a sense of achievement.
One student described the project as an opportunity for "being free to construct, develop and think purely for the sake of constructing, developing and thinking."

Transcription of evaluation labels produced by each student

Yellow Labels (15) - pre-project  

“Bewildered" (3DD)
“Curious; excited; a little nervous; a bit silly or self-
conscious" (OT)

“Open-minded; sleepy but alert; :-) (S - Sculptor)
“Confused and unsure" (3DD)
“Nervous; excited; unsure" (OT)
“Anxious; head heavy" (S)
“Confused and unsure" (3DD)
“Giggly; ambitious; excited; curious" (OT)
“Tired; curious" (S)
“I'm tired and unsure what we're doing today" (OT)
“Calm" (S)
“Rather apprehensive; tired; unsure of what will happen
next!" (3DD)
“A little apprehensive / excited" (OT)
“Frustrated; stressed and calm; squashed" (S)
“Confused" (3DD)

Orange Labels (16) - mid-project  

“Frustration; anticipation" (3DD)
“In my comfort zone again; getting involved" (OT)
“Draw, draw, draw, draw, draw; active mind tired" (S)
“Ahhhhhhh / hungry" (3DD)
“Settled; relaxed; creative environment" (OT)
“Excited; silly; eager to get on with it" (S)
“Confident; content; relaxed; comfortable" (3DD)
“A-ah! Ahh, can see connections now and relevance to OT; feeling positive and creative about the rest of the day" (OT)
“Positive; communication; flowing" (S)
“A little more sure of what is happening; wanting to get on
to the next part" (3DD)
“Confused; eager to move on quickly" (OT)
“Creative" (S)
“Inspired and excited" (3DD)
“Enjoying creativity time and curious about where this
will go" (OT)
“More relaxed; enjoying this experience!" (S)
“Relaxed; expectant - wanting to do more; hungry" (3DD)
“Abstract; optimistic; artistic; displaced" (OT)

Red labels (16) - post-project  

“Relaxed; comfortable; tired" (3DD)
“Pleased with end product; felt I learned to think more abstractly today" (OT)
“Relaxed; happy; content; tired (relieved); satisfied; pleased" (S)
“Not happy with my final outcome - but - interesting to see other's interpretations and glad it was very mixed" (3DD)
“Proud; accomplished; finished" (OT)
“Satisfied :-)" (S)
“Creative; pleased; proud; elated" (3DD)
“Bored; anxious" (OT)
“Tired; relaxed; concluded" (S)
“Dead" (3DD)
“Tired; satisfied; happy" (OT)
“Creatively exhausted" (S)
“At ease, pleasantly surprised, content" (3DD)
“Tired; headache; enjoy experience of being creative and 'thinking outside the box'" (OT)
“Have enjoyed this experience working with different disciplines; was very interesting and informative" (S)
“Drained; slightly like I've failed; restless" (OT)

In addition to the labels. the student log books revealed
the value of interdisciplinary working, a positive feature of
the project being "the opportunity to interact with others/
new people". Methodologically this was seen as beneficial -

"We fed off each other's ideas to develop our end result."

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