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Making Sense: 2011 - research logs

In order to encourage reflection-in-action and on-
action each student kept a 'research log'. The
terminology is important.
The term 'sketchbook' is
loaded - creating assumptions about draughtsmanship
and artistic capability. In fact we could not
distinguish between disciplines when reviewing all
the log books.
They created a usable 'space' for
individual thinking, a means to start discussions, and
a way of finally organising thoughts for presentations.
image on the right is from the log book of
Bernadette Spendley (Sculpture). It exemplifies visual
and transformative thinking, using annotation to
reflect and critically analyse emerging understandings.
At the end of the project we asked the students what
they thought of the 'research log' idea. Without
exception all spoke positively, with comments like
"good", "enjoyable" and one student commenting
"it's a more interesting process than making".

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m  a  k  i  n  g    s  e  n  s  e

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