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student learning projects (2008 - 2013)

Making Sense: 2011  

Developing on from the Creative Intervention staff project, a new interdisciplinary collaborative project between level 3 students in arts and health took place in March 2011. Three subject areas were involved: sculpture, occupational therapy, three dimensional design (3DD) - six students from each. Teams comprised one student from each subject (NB one sculptor did not participate). Stimuli included: objects, sounds, images, as well as the use of ARP to derive diverse tools and techniques.

m  a  k  i  n  g    s  e  n  s  e

We asked the students to each complete a
pre- and
post- project 'star' evaluation
(as in the 2009 project).
To enhance reflective and analytical skills we asked
them to keep an individuai 'research log'.
As a means
of encouraging reflection-on-action they each completed
an evaluation label pre-project, mid-project and post-project - collated as an 'evaluation tree'. A new feature was tested in this project - peer evaluation. As each
presented their outcomes the other five teams
made an evaluation of their performance
according to
3 criteria. This had the effect of keeping everyone
engaged and simultaneously considering standards.

Click here to see the pre- and post- star evaluation

Making Sense student projects 2011: responses by each interdisciplinary team