Albert The Prince Consort

Look at Me Sculpture Trail, part of

Look Again Visual Art & Design Festival 2015, aimed to inspire and reawaken interest in six of Aberdeen's most familiar monuments ...

General Charles Gordon
William Wallace
Robert Burns
The Mannie
Robert the Bruce
The unveiling of Robert Burns statue 1892

Visualisation of the proposed creative intervention to Robert Burns statue

HEADPHONES - shows his link to folk music and intended migration to a job in Jamaica as a book keeper.
PLANET MERCURY - because a crater was named after him in 1985.

SOCKS - one with the colours of
the French flag shows his support
for the revolution and his socialist views.

The other, colours of the Russian flag, highlight their respect for his literary works and the first coutry to commemorate him on a postage stamp in 1959 the 200th
anniversary of this birth.